Tfw-preflight showing in


I noticed tonight that the twitter widget on our site wasn’t loading so I checked the chrome dev console and I could see a Javascript error “tfw is undefined”

I checked the source directly at and could see it had this line


inserted before the usual !function(){… at the start of the file

Googling tfw-preflight didn’t seem to return any relevant results (just urban dictionary stuff for tfw) so I have no clue what this means and why it was prepended to the file

after about 10 minutes everything went back to normal but I would be interested to know if anyone knows what happened and what tfw-preflight means.


We accidentally deployed a test build - as soon as this was rolled back and the CDNs refreshed, things were back to normal. We apologise for the brief outage of the correct version of the widgets code here.


thanks for the info…good to know I’m not the only one who makes mistakes.


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