Text Mining


It is legal to make text mining on tweet and to produce a report about what user friends have been talk the most?
It is legal to make this when user is offline?



Twitter is doing a really bad job of retrieving hacked accounts. Of course hackers would change the email address on the account (otherwise they wouldn’t be a very good hacker) so that you won’t be able to have access to it. I emailed a report to Twitter of my account @Steviie_1D being ‘‘compromised’’. I haven’t had a response although I reported almost immediately and I was also told me that the email address associated with the account is not the one I sent them. What am I supposed to do now, since the hacker change the address and everything else on it? I’m not happy with the support system at the moment. Please have this process fixed as soon as possible so I can continue tweeting as desired. I have all the proof about my account, however twitter support is not helping me. I just began gaining a lot of followers and now my streak is lost.
Please please help me Twitter support!