Text Input Quick Reply method



Good Morning
I am trying to show the user’s numeric keypad.
I call the Text Input Quick Reply method.
I get the error:
{“errors”: [{“code”: 214, “message”: “event.message_create.message_data: Neither text nor attachment defined on message_data”}}}

that bad?

thank you very much


Is this related to the Direct Message beta features?


yes, it’s related.

this is the request(https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/direct-messages/quick-replies/api-reference/text-input)

  "event": {
    "type": "message_create",
    "message_create": {
      "target": {
        "recipient_id": "844385345234"
      "message_data": {
        "text:": "Please provide your confirmation number.",
        "quick_reply": {
          "type": "text_input",
          "text_input": {
            "keyboard": "number",
            "label": "Confirmation Number",
            "metadata": "external_id_1"


Solved! the JSON of the web is wrong.

"text —>:<— ": “Please provide your confirmation number.”,

there are two points left

Thank you very much