Testing with selenium and DM limits



Hi, I’m currently trying to test an app via webbrowser using selenium. The app has a workflow that I have to follow and because I’m testing it, I need to repeat the process and send a good amount of direct messages to a particular account.

At a certain point (after sending some DMs) I get the following message: “Não foi possível enviar sua mensagem.” (My UI is in pt-BR) meaning “Unable to send your message”

Of course this is impacting my tests and I’d like to know if I can do something in order to avoid this.

I have 2 test accounts for this purpose: techiesse_t1 and techiesse_t2. I’m trying to switch between them to keep going but after something like 10 to 20 DMs I’m again unable to send messages. It seems clear to me that this is not going to help me a lot.

I’m not reaching the 1000 DMs/day limit. The delay between two messages is usually greater then 1sec (I need to wait the reply, so no way to go faster)

So what can I do to avoid this? Is there any way to tell twitter that I’m legitimally testing against an account?

Thank you

Eric Chiesse

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