Testing 280 characters for certain languages


Wanted to be sure you saw our recent blog post.

What’s happening?
We are testing expanding the character limit of Tweets to 280 characters for all languages on Twitter except for Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages—we’ll keep the current limit for these languages. This is a small global experiment that we will be running for 4-6 weeks.

What does this mean for you as developers?
The raw payload should not look any different than the long tweets which existed before today. Be sure you’ve built your apps with the flexibility to handle Tweets that contain >140 characters.

As always, to avoid incomplete Tweet display or reception, it’s important that your apps have character count flexibility around the JSON payload and Tweet display range. If you’ve followed the guidance in our docs (not to hard-code anything at 140 characters), you will be fine.

At the current time, we are not making the ability to post these longer Tweets available in the API itself. If this experiment is rolled out more broadly, we will let you know of any concrete API changes.

We’ll continue to experiment and make changes to improve the core Twitter experience and API platform. For more guidance, please refer to: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/tweets/tweet-updates