Test App for students in classroom to learn API: no access


I have a dummy app (GWU_TEST_APP) made so that I can teach a lecture on Twitter data mining. I had no trouble getting a consumer key/secret and access key/secret. However, when I share a link to request an access token with my students:

Request an access token here.

They are getting permissions denied, even after they’ve logged into their own twitter accounts. I set the permissions to read only on my app homepage, but thought anyone could get these access tokens. Offhand, can someone tell me why this might be denying access to everyone besides me? What do I have to do to create a dummy application so students can try out the API?



That page is only accessible to the app owner. Ideally the students should create their own apps and then they can get their own access token for their own apps.


Thanks. So how can teams of developers work on the same app? Or am I misunderstanding?


They would have to share the app key/secret with each other manually.


Thanks. I must misunderstand the OAuth model lol