Terms of service and privacy policy


When authenticating a user, is it possible to link to my own privacy policy and terms of service?


I notice that Hootsuite have managed this in their own Twitter Oauth popup. Perhaps someone could explain how they achieved this. I can’t find the way to enter Privacy Policy or ToS url via the Manage my apps screens nor does it seem to be possible to add markup to the application description. Does anyone have any ideas?




These are new fields that will become visible in your apps.twitter.com Dashboard if your app is given special permissions to request a user’s email address via OAuth - in fact we require that your app provides links to both a Privacy Policy and Ts&Cs as part of granting that access.


Aha, thanks is it possible to request the special permission, even if we don’t need or plan to use email addresses. so we can show the privacy policy and T’s & Cs? How is the special permission requested?


You can use the Platform Support forms to request elevated privileges. I actually don’t know whether we have an option to grant this if there’s no intent to use, but it’s a good question for me to dig into.


Just updating this thread - I noticed today that there is now space to enter ToS and Privacy policy on the application settings.