Telerik developed IOS app doesn't load tweet CSS



we have developed a mobile app using telerik app builder. The data loads from a wordpress website The articles comprise of text matter with images and tweets (cards). It works fine on website and android phones. However in IOS (iPhone) the card (tweets) fail to load the CSS and appear without formatting and without any links and button. We are running out of time…seeking help desperately. Thanks in advance.


I’ve moved this to the websites category because it seems like Telerik builds HTML 5 apps. I assume that something in the browser is stopping Twitter’s web embed widgets.js and CSS from being loaded. I have never used Telerik App Builder so I’ve no idea what could be blocking those things.


A single Tweet embed consists of two components: a <blockquote> HTML element and Twitter’s widgets JavaScript running in the same document context as the blockquote to enhance the markup.

If you are seeing an unstyled Tweet embed it’s likely Twitter’s widgets JavaScript was unable to load and act on the content.

If Telerik AppBuilder includes a resource manager for JavaScript files you may need to load the JavaScript through that resource manager. If you are trying to load the widgets JavaScript from the HTTP scheme instead of HTTPS you may run into issues with Apple’s Transport Security; make sure you are using the HTTPS URL and try whitelisting the domain in your app’s Apple Transport Security settings to help debug your issue.


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