Tea Time Montréal - Sept 2012 - Questions and Comments


Use this thread to post questions, comments and for follow-up answers from the Twitter Platform Relations team.


It seems clear twitter wants to emphasize the use of widgets over direct API access at least for displaying tweets.This does allow for more consistency. Is there a plan to make the new tweet list widget dynamic in that it could simply accept a parameter instead of having to be created manually on the site or perhaps at least an API to create / delete them ?

While more of a comment on policy than tech, I do wish the limits on 3rd party clients and API access in General could be removed, perhaps for a second tier of twitter account (paid). App.net, if anything, managed to prove at least some of us are willing to pay if it can mean a better experience.


Yes, we are planning API access for embedded timelines (widgets). Passing parameters is one of the most frequent requests we get on this topic.


Hi Sylvain! The redesign looks great. I read that yFrog and Twitpic have been stripped of their ability to post images to Twitter. My question: Will there be any new limitations on pushing out tweets from other platforms? Thanks.


Technically, yFrog and Twitpic can still be used… but they link to third party image hosting was removed from the official Twitter apps. The API can still be used to attach images from any services. There is no limitation on publishing tweets (as long as it is not against our policies, like spamming).