TCNJ 24-hour Hackathon 2014




Love the Pebble! What are you working on?


Thanks for the Twitter schwag <3 can’t wait for my t-shirt!


I’m going to make an app that disables your lockscreen when your pebble is connected to your phone, if I get that working I’m gonna try and get it too only work within a certain proximity


Are the daily tweet limit hour intervals consistent? One of the ideas my group originally talked about was using an account as a social game interface (we’d have game logic in a back-end but tweet tasks/results out to players). We weren’t sure how much we’d have to limit the player count and updates though.


Hey Alexa, as mentioned, I would suggest using [node:2820,title=“Browser sign in”] so that the rate limiting is on the user and not your app. That will take care of your scaling issues as the number of players and interactions grow.


You are welcome! Great meeting you all.


Cool, looking forward to seeing that link on here.


Thanks for your help!


You’re welcome! Please feel free to follow up with any additional questions.