TCNJ 24-hour Hackathon 2014


Use this discussion thread if you are participating in the TCNJ 24-hour Hackathon and have questions about the Twitter Platform.

Discussion participates will be randomly selected to receive Twitter branded schwag!

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Learning some Rails right now for my project and I’m hoping to use Twitter for login authentication. I’m sitting upstairs near the windows if anyone has any Rails tips for a beginner.


Awesome! Check out [node:2820,title=“Browser sign in”] for all the login authentication info you’ll need. Unfortunately, I’m not a Rails developer. Perhaps someone can make themselves known here and I’ll make sure to send out a tweet with your request!


I am trying to access user profile images for my project. I wanted to know how to get the authorization to get and update profile pictures using java script. I am in room 208.


Sounds good! I’ll work my way over. There are a couple of JavaScript libraries written for node.js. It is strongly discouraged to use OAuth 1.0A with client-side Javascript.


Can someone help me out with setting up oauth?


Let us know where you are. Also, try checking out, there are many libraries available that will do the work for you


In the left corner of the multi purpose room on the second floor… Can you help me setup oauth and Twitter4J?


Working on ricochet robots and thinking about setting up Twitter cards for inviting people to games. Thanks for the help!


HI. Can I have a shirt? Working on an awesome site #YOpinion #hacktcnj


Need help with my JSON parsing for Twitter Search API in Room 205. When try to paste it in the URL I get an error


Hacking + Pebble = <3


I am making HackTCNJ Plays Pokemon so in a little bit I will post the stream here for all to play!




Not opposed to a free shirt either.


Can I get more help with OAuth?
Not sure if a “user” has to log in?


Anyone know if the twitter people are still here?


Hey k_boh, we’re still here! Just took a burrito break :slight_smile: Still in the same room?


No problem! For your game board post, the photo card or the summary card with large image would be your best bet. Sounds like you already found something to render images on the fly, but let me know if I can help.


Looking forward to seeing that site! I’ll let you know when I do the schwag raffle for discussion participates.