Targeting criteria search on devices




Referencing this doc

example value for q was
samsung and apple.


twurl -H “/1/targeting_criteria/devices?q=apple” | jq .

“data_type”: “targeting_criterion”,
“data”: [],
“request”: {
“params”: {
“q”: “apple”

it seems like this endpoint only search in name key because when I search samsung, I get bunch of items with the “samsung” in their names.

If that’s the case, please remove apple in example.

if that’s not the case, can you change it to search manufacture and platform too?



Hi, @zirho6. You’re right. The query is only searching over the names. If you want Apple devices, you can search for “iphone” or “ipad,” for example.

We’ll make a note to update our docs. Thanks for letting us know about this!