Targeting criteria -> Interests -> localization for Russia



I’m wondering if there is any possibility to get localized interests for Russia?
I have tried to get data with twurl call as described in documentation (, but no luck for Russian language.

twurl -H “” “/0/targeting_criteria/interests?lang=ru”

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advanced, Aleksander


Hi @Jancic_A,

I want to confirm this bug.

When I try this in spanish “lang=es” all works perfectly with names in spanish. But no luck with Russian.

I don’t know in other languages



Other languages seem to be working fine, seems like there is an issue only with Russian.

Kind regards,


Any updates regarding this issue? Russian is still not working…


Can I confirm that you are able to see Russian interest names in (it’s a little difficult for me to easily set up a new account to test this)

Based upon my understanding of how this endpoint is working, it means that Russian is also not available on, but if you see otherwise I will go ahead and file a bug internally.




Yes I can confirm that we are able to see Russian interest names. Above you can see a screenshot from from a Russian account.

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Thanks for posting this - I went ahead and filed a bug internally for further investigation!