Targeting criteria error & tailored audience



When setting line item targeting criteria “tailored_audiences_expanded={audience_id}” I get bad request error with message “Line item cannot combine positive lookalike criteria with positive retargeting, mobile or list targeting types”. I’ve tried to search docs for something similar, but haven’t found anything.
So, my question is, what does this “positive lookalike criteria” mean and what should I change to pass validation?
Line item has PROMOTED_TWEETS product type, TWITTER_SEARCH placement and include sentiment POSITIVE_ONLY, if it helps.

Update targeting criteria tailored_audience issues

@ateraz if you look at our Tailored Audiences documentation, you will see there is a note about using both a tailored audience and a tailored audience lookalike:

…you cannot target both a tailored audience and a tailored audience lookalike on the same ad line item (ad group).