Tapping on links on detail screen on iOS 8 doesn't work



It appears that tapping on URLs, hashtags, and mentions on a TWTRTweetDetailViewController doesn’t work on iOS 8. On iOS 9, those taps open appropriate links in Safari as expected. (They’d probably open in the Twitter app, if it were installed.) I’m at a loss as to why opening those links would be OS-dependent, but that seems to be the case. No console output I’ve noticed to explain the failures.

Is this expected behavior, or a bug?


@sfko Just curious, does anything happen on iOS 8 ; or just a behavior as if it was never tapped? Also, which version of Twitter Kit are you on?


With a long enough touch, the entity is highlighted, but nothing (apparent) happens on touch up. Our test devices were running 8.1.x, for whatever that’s worth.

We’re not using Digits; just Crashlytics and TwitterKit.


thanks @sfko ; fixed my incorrect reference to Digits. I’ll do more testing on this.


Oh, sorry. We were seeing that issue after updating TwitterKit to the latest (2.2.0). It’s possible that it might have existed before then, but I’m not sure.