Tapping on app card not taking me to the native app



We have an iPad app from which am sharing a story on twitter. When I tap on the tweet from twitter on iPad, inapp browser opens instead of opening our ipad app.
We had twitter meta tags added to the website. Please find them below



So you have a photo card - this is not a supported card type.

What do you expect to happen and why are you not using a supported twitter:card type?


I wish to open my native iPad app when tapped on the card. To achieve this what should be the card type?


You need an App card.


If I have an App card, what would be the behaviour if I tap on that on a desktop browser?


There would be a link to the website instead, since there’s no app store to redirect to.


I’ve changed my card type to summary_large_image, but still my card is not deeplinking


That’s because you’re not using an App card.


If I keep the card type as app, am not seeing the rich content as that of summary_large_image.
I basically wanted rich content on the card and deeplinking to my app. I remember this one was working earlier with card type as photo


Apologies that the Photo card was withdrawn as part of our refocus on the cards platform. Unfortunately I can’t think of a way for you to combine the two ways of displaying your content with the current capabilities.