Tailored Audiences Too Small


I uploaded a list containing emails and it worked.
I took the same list and added to it 1000 more emails and now its too small even though its the same list that worked plus 1000 more… anybody here knows why?


Hi @MarketBeyond,

Can you please provide the account and audience IDs as well as any other relevant information? I will need to attempt to replicate on my end and look over your account to assist further. Thanks!


where can I fine the audience id?
the account is @marketbeyond and the audience list name is “emails DEC06”.


How many total were in your original upload, when did you first upload this list, and if you can remember what was the count of matched users before?


Hey Brent,

I uploaded a new list and it works fine now so I guess it was a bug of some kind. Thanks for trying to help. Will contact you for further problems if they pop up.

Bar Israel-Tov
Marketing Specialist