Tailored Audiences stuck in processing for a particular account



Tailored audiences uploaded via our app to our own account are stuck in the “processing” state. This seems to have been reported here Tailored Audience campaign stuck in “Processing” stage but our clients aren’t experiencing the issue, only our (@advolv) account is.


Thanks for the question, @advolv. We’re looking into this now.


@advolv: It looks like a request to the POST accounts/:account_id/tailored_audience_changes endpoint was never made for this audience, which is why is still shows as processing. Hope this helps!


Thanks for the quick response! We’re looking into this on our end.


Any update here, @advolv?

Tailored Audience Stuck In Processing

@juanshishido thanks for following up. This fixed worked!

Apologies for not updating the thread earlier. Please feel free to mark as complete :slight_smile:


Thanks for the confirmation, @advolv! Glad it’s working now.