Tailored Audiences stuck in processing. >35 hrs now and they are still not done. Is there something wrong with the Tailored Audience platform?


The following are list IDs that have now been processing for >35hrs:
Ads account: 18ce53w624n
List ID: 15131
List ID: 15300
List ID: 15231

Using V0 of the Ads API to upload. Beginning to get customer complaints for this issue. Is there a known issue and when will this be fixed?

Error uploading tailored audience when assigning placeholder to data - are there problems with V0 or have things changed? Anyone else experiencing this issue?

I second this plea for any official response. I’ve also contacted the Ads help several times and it goes into a black hole.


@hwz, any updates? 2 of the 3 lists above have now after 48 hrs gone back to Too Small. This doesn’t seem right as one had 5M IDs and the other had 32k Ids. The 3rd is still processing and now close to 60 hrs later. Is there something going on with the match processing on the Twitter Ads side?


I’ve seen “too small” as a stand in for “Processing” - a few times I’ve had an audience show as too small, then update to Ready after another 24-48 hours.

That said, I’m also having this issue. I have a few audiences which have been stuck processing for over a week. Then my most recent test cases have been running since Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. Is there backup in the system, or does the size of my audiences (100k ish) have a significant impact on processing performance?



This seems to be a problem with Twitter processing that seems to have gotten a lot slower. Previously I had no problems with processing lists of 5M within 24 hrs and smaller ones in less time than that. I was told previously by Twitter Ads Api team that the SLA for processing is 24 hrs, but I’m seeing consistently longer times than that more recently since the release of V1 api.


Finally one of mine finished (still showing “too small”, although I expect that to increase by tomorrow) - total processing time for this has been over 100 hours. If it increments as expected that will put it at 120 hours or more.