Tailored Audiences removes accounts based on health. Why?


Trying to understand the Tailored Audience piece of Twitter Ads. Twitter automatically removes “unhealthy” accounts when uploading a tailored list. Does anyone have any insight into the criteria Twitter uses to determine “healthy” accounts vs. “unhealthy” accounts?


@gymnst31188 I don’t believe any accounts are removed from a Tailored Audience per say, it’s just that only accounts that have been active within the past 30 days on Twitter-owned and/or Twitter-operated clients are targeted, as per our Tailored Audiences docs.

You may use GET accounts/:account_id/tailored_audience_changes/:id to check if an audience may not be targeted because it matches too few users.


@andrs Thanks for the info. It does seem like they are removed. I compare the numbers on spreadsheets that are uploaded to the final number in Audience Manager after processing. Is there any way to avoid that?


@gymnst31188 oh I see. The Audience Manager is only showing you accounts that have been active within the past 30 days; if that changes, for example a user becomes active again after being inactive for a long time, that will be reflected in what’s returned.

Is there any particular reason you’d like non-active users to show up under Audience Manager?

Tailored Audiences significantly smaller than upload. Need to understand targetable users

No, I was just trying to figure out the discrepancy between my audiences and the final number in Tailored Audiences.


Cool, well hopefully my response above has cleared things up for you!