Tailored Audiences previously uploaded are all now too small



Tailored Audiences previously uploaded and completed processing of various sizes between 10,000- 5Million are now all registering as too small within my ads account. This is also happening to customers using my application to create and upload Tailored Audiences through the Ads API. Is this happenning to anyone else?

Tailored Audience size shrinking

Yes, this is happening to me too.


Although more are showing up as large enough to target now, Too Small is replaced by ready, match rate for some lists is way down from before.
Account ID: 18ce53vuwjg
List ID: 15525
List Size before match: 69044
List Size after match: 9205

This same list that was uploaded directly previously matched far higher than this on the client’s account 2 weeks ago and matched ~47K IDs. I realize the matching process updates match size regularly but I can’t imagine this drastic a change. Yesterday the match size for the same list was in the hundreds so something seems to be up with the match processing.


Same here. All audiences uploaded recently have been marked as too small, although they are all in the thousands of very recent users.


Provided an update here: Tailored Audience size shrinking

Please use that thread to track this issue moving forward. I’m going to close this one. Thanks!

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