[Tailored Audiences] Not targeting the full volume



We are uploading tailored audiences into the Twitter ads platform and adding them to campaigns. In those campaigns, only about 1/3 of those Tailored Audiences are getting targeted. Is there a specific reason as to why this is happening? We are uploading audiences that have over 200,000 usernames and we are only seeing around 60,000 of those users being targeted according to the analytics.

Additionally, when choosing targeted audiences, we are choosing a location in parallel with our tailored audience uploads and we are seeing still lower volumes of targeting during those campaigns. Does adding tailored audiences lower the overall volume of Twitter users targeted?



To be targeted with a tailored audience the user must be active within the last 30 days on Twitter or a Twitter owned property.

For your second question about targeting, location is not a primary targeting type. Only primary targeting types are OR’d together to create a larger set. Please see https://dev.twitter.com/ads/campaigns/targeting and the “Targeting Criteria Combinations” section.