Tailored audiences not becoming targetable in the ads sandbox



I’m developing a tailored audience integration that uploads files of Twitter user IDs for a tailored audience. I’m in the sandbox.

It seems that no matter how many IDs I upload, the tailored audience remains untargetable, with the reasons [“PROCESSING”, “TOO_SMALL”]. The tailored_audience_changes endpoint verifies that the upload is completely processed. I have tried upload various numbers of IDs, including a test with 5000 IDs of users who just tweeted something, which should easily meet the 500 active users requirement. But it still says [“PROCESSING”, “TOO_SMALL”].

Should I expect PROCESSING to go away when my changes are complete? If so, something is stuck.

I’m following the hashing standards for my Twitter user IDs. I don’t see how I’m not matching at least 500 users, especially when they’re all very-recently-active users.

An example tailored audience is ID qvj1 under ads account gq108y. This is the audience that was intended to contain the 5000 user IDs. Tailored audience change 4jd is COMPLETED.

Thanks in advance.



When you say sandbox do you mean you are using ads-api-sandbox endpoint?

I would recommend to try to develop this particular feature against production endpoint as currently some features which will require real targeting and serving are better to develop and test against production. I’m not 100% sure if that’s the reason this is not working but in general we know of no outstanding live site issues with tailored audience processing right now.




Can you confirm that a tailored audience should never, when the system is working appropriately, stay in the PROCESSING state indefinitely?


And yes, I’m using the ads-api-sandbox endpoint. I’ve initiated an identical test on the production environment, that remains in the [“PROCESSING”, “TOO_SMALL”] states two hours after upload (tailored audience ID 153ts).


After a delay of 6.5 hours, the tailored audience I uploaded to production has become targetable, and the PROCESSING state is gone.

I take from this two things: targeted audience processing is broken in the ads sandbox, and targeted audiences should be waited for as long as the PROCESSING state exists.


I face this issue too.