Tailored audiences mysteriously being marked as deleted


We are a Twitter partner with Developer level of access to the Ads API. We are currently experiencing a problem in which some of the tailored audiences our application has created are inexplicably being marked as deleted. We are not aware of any code in our application that deletes audiences. Does anyone know of any behavior on the Twitter server side that would automatically mark a tailored audience as deleted for any reason?


@dodnert Can you please provide the exact request and responses that you are seeing?


There are no specific requests or responses involved. Our application created some tailored audiences via the Ads API and used the TON API to upload hashed IDs to those audiences. We were able to see the audiences in the Web UI for a while. But then, at some point later, for no reason that we know of, they disappeared from the UI. We used the Ads API to look up the audience using it’s ID and set the with_deleted parameter to true, we can see that the audience is still known to Twitter, but it has been marked as deleted. We’re looking for any possible explanations why this might have happened, since we do not believe that our application ever deletes audiences.


@dodnert This is not expected behavior and I do not know of any other partners who have experienced this issue. We would need more information to look into this specific case.


@dodnert can you give us your app id (or consumer key) and the ID of a specific TA list you’ve observed this happen too? We can look at our logs and see when the list was deleted.