Tailored Audiences List Too Small


Hi, I recently uploaded a Tailored Audiences List of more than 800 ids in a .csv file (not hashed, separated by new line). Yet, when I tried to add the audience to a campaign, the audience was too small. Can anybody tell me what the possible causes could be? I was under the impression I just had to make sure I had at least 500 ids in the list…


The requirement is that we match at least 500 users from your uploaded data. If you are sure you have more than 500 active users another reason could be because of formatting issues so please check the data format carefully.

Please also see “What is the minimum size for an audience to be used for targeting?” question from https://dev.twitter.com/ads/audiences/crm-faq to confirm this and other frequently asked questions.



Tailored Audience campaign stuck in "Processing" stage

Thanks John! I got the following email after uploading my audience list:

Could Twitter have matched these 718 users if I had formatting issues?


Hi Simon,

It looks to me like it was working correctly based upon you receiving that mail. So I think you must be doing the right thing, please let us know if you see any other problems.




Thanks John, I just want to clarify:

I created an audience, from which 718 users were matched - however, when I want to use the audience in an ads campaign the audience list is too small and I cannot select it. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

I really appreciate the help!


By the way, I do not have access to https://dev.twitter.com/ads/audiences/crm-faq. It says access denied.