Tailored Audiences campaign with no impression


HI All

I was created a campaign with a list of 95K users.

I didn’t add any other targeting criteria

After a day and I still cannot see any impression at all.

Any idea ?



Did you add a targeting criteria to target that list?

You should be able to review the campaign setup in ads.twitter.com and confirm it is correct there. If you believe it is correct and can double check the API side as well, I would go ahead and submit a support request via ads.twitter.com Help? link as we do not support serving inquiries on this forum (only API setup and implementation).




The only target criteria is the Tailored audience list.

we didn’t add any other like keyword and location etc,

from the documentation the tailored list should be enough but we still didn’t get any impression for couple of days


@impelo_io: You should submit a support request via ads.twitter.com , as John mentioned, once you review the campaign setup in both the UI and API.

For now, please provide us with an account ID so we can take a quick look.