Tailored Audiences Always Too Small


Each time i upload a list of tailored audience it shows Audience Too Small after processing. I read that there should be minimum 500 people in the list, who are active in last 30 days. I uploading list with Twitter Handle of sizes 100,2500 and 8000 but all list shows Audience Too Small after processing. What is missing Please help ?


It might be the case that the audiences you uploaded contains 8000 members, but less than 500 of these members were active in the last 30 days and thus the audience is still deemed too small.

It’s also possible that the data you’re providing is not correctly normalized and hashed, and thus the Twitter system can find no matches at all. I’d encourage you to take a look at our Tailored Audiences File Data page and ensure that your lists are correctly formatted. We also have a hashing code sample on Github that might be useful.

Tailored Audiences significantly smaller than upload. Need to understand targetable users