Tailored Audience TON 400 Error for Resumable Upload


Similar to the issue reported here (Tailored Audience TON Upload Failing with 400 Error Code), we’re getting 400 error on the POST change request to associate the uploaded file with the TA. Specifically, this issue is with chunked/resumable uploads as documented here (https://dev.twitter.com/ads/reference/post/accounts/%3Aaccount_id/tailored_audience_change).

What we’ve found is that the location file paths differ from the initial server responses and the final one:

location: /1.1/ton/data/ta_partner/{id}/{filename}.txt
location: /ta_partner/{id}/{filename}.txt

The 400 error comes when trying to execute the change POST against that last location. The documentation implies the final location is the gospel. Also, while the documentation for the Single Chunk upload is consistent with the Resumable Upload doc, the response is actually different (i.e. it gives the location as the “full” path, “/1.1/ton/data/ta_partner/…”

Would it be possible for somebody Twitter-side to let us know if this is a bug?

Tailored Audience TON Upload Failing with 400 Error Code