Tailored Audience Stuck In Processing



A tailored audience uploaded via our app is stuck in processing. This issue is similar to what we posted here: Tailored Audiences stuck in processing for a particular account

We’ve made the change to our code so that the POST to accounts/:account_id/tailored_audience_changes suggested by @juanshishido is being fired. We don’t see any errors in our logs.

I don’t have the tailored audience ID but this is the account we’re referring to: https://ads.twitter.com/accounts/18ce54f8mdy/audience_manager


Thanks for reaching out, @advolv.

For reference, the tailored audience ID is 1md7e. It was created at 2016-12-23T22:13:31Z.

We are not seeing any record of a change—for example, operation=ADD—for this audience. This indicates, that the request to the POST accounts/:account_id/tailored_audience_changes endpoint was not successful.

Can you please confirm that you are:


Thanks for the quick reply, @juanshishido!!

We’re looking into this on our end now - hadn’t seen anything in the error log about that call failing but it’s good to get confirmation from your side. Will post an update asap.


Thanks, @advolv!

If this is failing silently, then we’ll have to update the response on our side. However, we’ll first need to reproduce this. Could you please share the request you’re making to the POST accounts/:account_id/tailored_audience_changes endpoint as well as the response you’re seeing? (If we don’t see anything out of the ordinary with this, we might need to see the requests and responses for the other steps in the process.)


Hey @juanshishido,

We just did a bunch of fixes and reimplemented the calls as you outlined above. We were previously doing the creation through the python twitter ads sdk and think we’ve isolated the issue.

When you upload smaller tailored audience files <1MB (as we were in tests), the TON API performs a non-chunked upload. But larger audiences >1MB are performed via the chunked method. What was happening (we think) is that the location returned by the TON API chunked upload had extra parameters attached (?resumable=true etc).

When this location was being passed to the POST tailored_audience_changes call, we were getting INVALID_PARAMETER, input_file_path errors as seen here:

This error, it would appear, was not being handled properly at our end. And our tests were being run with smaller audiences so we were missing it in a lot of cases. But we think we’ve fixed it. So far, what has seemed to work is stripping out these params and then sending the input_file_path. The 4 most recent attempts have uploaded and been processed successfully.

Thanks for the prompt help!


This is correct. The response for a resumable (or chunked) upload initialization request includes the resumable and resumeId parameters. For additional details, see this.

That’s great! We’re seeing that three audiences (1mkle, 1mkoc, and 1mku8) have been successfully created in the past day and are ready to use. Please let us know if any other issues arise.

We appreciate you providing these details. They will help developers in the future who may come across these issues. Thanks!