Tailored Audience Stuck in Processing -- Tried Twice -- is Hashing required?



Wanted to check if tailored audiences was delayed, I previously uploaded two lists of twitter usernames (no@, no trailing or preceding spaces) on same accounts and it was stuck for 72 hours. I deleted them and uploaded without hashes for the same two accounts and it has been stuck in processing for 24 hours.

Is there a delay because I didn’t hash it? Haven’t had time to learn the hashing. Do you really support non hashing or is it a requirement?



If you are talking about audiences uploaded via ads.twitter.com, please contact the support team via the Help / question mark on the Ads UI and request for support there (this will route and get sent to nearly 24x7 operations team).

There is another thread about processing time issue so I could guess that it’s probable the pipeline is behind, due to the nature of the way so many requests can get backed up it sometimes takes several days to get caught up again.

Again please go ahead and send a request for support via Ads UI if this issue is not related to uploading from an API tool.

For Ads API - we require hashing to protect the user privacy, the Ads UI is also doing hashing in the background before it sends it to our servers when you upload a non-hashed file.




I was able to confirm that there are some delays with the TA List processing right now so it’s likely nothing to do with the way you are uploading the file.


When you expect this to be resolved? We uploaded an audience of ~80k users via API on Friday and it finished processing today, taking almost 5 days. We have also uploaded few other audiences (using different Twitter account) and all of them have been stuck in processing for days.



The TA list endpoint is expected to on average take not nearly 5 days so please be assured that the team is looking into problems when the queue gets backed up. I heard something about problems today so it could be backed up a little again, but your best bet is to post a new thread here when you are frustrated about this so we can get proper visibility into it.