Tailored Audience size smaller than it should be


We are having issues with the Tailored Audience sizes. Every time we upload a tailored audience based on Twitter ID numbers, the audience matched by Twitter is much smaller than expected based on our data. It’s our core business to upload tailored audiences and we want to have maximum impact in campaigns for our clients. Sometimes the audiences even drop with 75% of the database audience size. Therefore we ran many audience upload tests, please find the steps of one of these test below:

  •     We created an audience consisting of Twitter users who Tweeted on the 9th of April 2018
  •     Protected, suspended and accounts with more than 5000 followers were excluded from our list
  •     The list of 15146 public, unique and active Twitter users were uploaded into Twitter Tailored Audiences
  •     We are sure that all users were active as they tweeted the day before.
  •     After uploading, the audience size dropped to 11.7K users
  •     We understand that some people opt-out for tailored audiences but we doubt that the number is that high.
  •     We see the same or larger audience size drops in other audiences that we upload.

We have already discussed this at the Twitter office in New York, they advised us to inform you about this in the community. We would like to understand how this is possible and what the exact methodology is behind uploading and matching tailored audiences.

Let us know if you have any questions.


Hey @MySocialData

When it come to match rates there’s not really much we can do, and these are what they are. Generally speaking we match users if:

  1. They’ve logged onto Twitter in the last 30 days
  2. They are an “Active” Twitter user.

We determine “Active” users based on several criteria, and not just whether they’ve Tweeted or not, which is why you may see smaller Audience sizes than expected. Additionally, the drop in the Audience size is an artifact of the current pipeline. When Audiences are created/updated we will provide the “full” match rate, i.e., excluding the conditions described above. Once we layer on the additional filtering (i.e., Active users), the tends to drop since users are filtered out.

We completely understand that this has been frustrating for advertisers and causes confusion, and so we’re making a concerted effort this year to revamp our Audiences product from the ground up and alleviate some of these concerns. We don’t have firm timing on launch dates, but expect changes to be visible in Q3 of this year.

Hope that helps!