Tailored Audience size shrinking



We are having an issue where our tailored audience sizes will go from ~6K to not targetable a day after creation. While I understand people can be removed from a tailored audience if they have been inactive for over 30 days, it would seem odd if this happened to the entire audience a day after creation.

Ad Account ID: 18ce53yklwr
Tailored Audience ID: 198hh

The size went from 6274 to too small between 2016-03-17T06:36:32 and 2016-03-17T22:06:31.

I also want to note that the way our system works is we create a tailored audience and then append to it with change requests as soon as it becomes targetable.

All of our change requests are ADDs.

Our change request IDs are:

        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181438638279757.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "vnuf", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "dw39", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_partner147631917VYz5xD4p0madhis.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "wkhb", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "gafc", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181442355009038.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "xeol", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "ix0x", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181442355120138.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "xeom", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "ix0y", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181442355456534.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "xeor", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "ix24", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181442355506957.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "xeot", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "ix25", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181442355980852.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "xeoy", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "ix2b", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181442356330835.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "xep7", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "ix3s", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181442355305393.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "xepg", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "ix3y", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data30924361591444072018575.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "y547", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "kruo", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data30924361591444681799019.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "yepq", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "l62v", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181444931658758.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "ykci", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "ldzo", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181444935976175.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "ykcv", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "le1g", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181444937138941.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "ykdc", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "le2d", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181447271046949.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "14ajt", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "pbbw", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181447711463027.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "14gwq", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "pksw", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181447722940548.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "14i5o", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "pm8v", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181447772319471.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "14ikf", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "pmoe", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_partner14763191790SByXk-vdYC-_u.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "156qh", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "qpn5", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181449786725359.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "1590r", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "qrr4", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_partner147631917vD00rSBucuKSEDk.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "15frv", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "r4lw", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_partner147631917CPK7UfKuq9hbg5_.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "15lhd", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "rfjm", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_partner147631917KRhnI-nS4vpQWgM.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "15lhu", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "rfjs", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_partner147631917TEveGkGv6cqxaMD.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "16ory", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "uep6", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_partner147631917iCoiaJ8WqnWUFqI.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "17e64", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "v49j", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_data172300181455312639529.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "17x0a", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "18ss1", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_partner3092436159Io2XGXQ-5PUlYSn.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "198hh", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "23exk", "operation": "ADD" },
        { "input_file_path": "ta_partner14763191753cFRQUO-CqL9UU.txt", "tailored_audience_id": "19a1f", "state": "COMPLETED", "id": "23gnk", "operation": "ADD" }

I suspect after our first change request was applied our audience size decreased.

Based on my understanding ADD change requests should never remove people, only add.

Any idea what is going on?


Other users, including myself, are reporting strange behaviors these days with regards to audience size: lists that should be perfectly fine are marked as too small for no obvious reason.


We’ve done the same but this issue seems to occur whether the ADD is used or not. Hoping someone from Twitter responds soon with an answer.

Tailored Audiences previously uploaded are all now too small

@DylanLingelbach @lkamitakahara @manueldelgado

Hi all -
Thanks for surfacing this issue with TA-audience - the team is actively working on a resolution I will jump in this thread when I hear that the fix has been deployed. Thanks for your patience.


@DylanLingelbach @lkamitakahara @manueldelgado

Can now confirm that the fix for this issue has been deployed and you should not see audiences erroneously appearing as too small.

Thanks for your patience!


Any update on whether the issue has been fixed?


Thanks so much @jillblaz!


Yes, it is fixed!


@jillblaz Are we sure this was fixed? I just uploaded several audiences last week and they have gone from 7K-15K in size down to 1K-3K in size now. We’d like to start running ads against these audiences end of week so please let me know ASAP if there is something I can do on my end to fix or if I just have to keep re-uploading them.


Not fixed for me.