Tailored audience shrinking in size?



We’ve run into an issue where an audience we created has shrunk and now is too small to be targeted.

It was created on August 18th. It seemed to build successfully and our client even started running ads to it. We noticed today, however, that it has shrunk considerably and is now too small to use. This happened despite us not removing any members. The current response is below:

{ data_type: ‘tailored_audiences’,
{ targetable: false,
name: ‘GoChime: Reengaging Inactive Customers - Email and Social.csv’,
targetable_types: [ ‘CRM’, ‘EXCLUDED_CRM’ ],
audience_type: ‘CRM’,
id: ‘wahd’,
reasons_not_targetable: [ ‘TOO_SMALL’ ],
list_type: ‘EMAIL’,
created_at: ‘2015-08-18T22:52:10Z’,
updated_at: ‘2015-08-31T13:22:11Z’,
partner_source: ‘OTHER’,
deleted: false,
audience_size: null },
request: { params: { tailored_audience_id: ‘wahd’, account_id: ‘18ce53w3v1u’ } } }

It’s a bit puzzling, but could it be related to the active user restriction (must have been active in the past 30 days)? I’ve tried querying the tailored_audience_changes endpoint but it’s giving me an error (below). Any help would be much appreciated!

Error: Tailored Audience Change File wahd was not found for Account 18ce53w3v1u



Tailored audiences must have a minimum match size of 500 in order to be targetable. As you said, if previously matched users have not been active on Twitter within the past 30 days, it can result in the audience match size dropping below 500 and thus being too small to use.

The issue you saw with the GET tailored_audience_changes endpoint is because you are using the ID of the tailored audience, not of the tailored audience change. You can get a full list of tailored audience changes for the account and their respective statuses by calling the collection endpoint (GET accounts/:account_id/tailored_audience_changes).

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Thanks! The call to the tailored_audience_changes endpoint worked without the audience id. Does this endpoint just represent changes that we send you or does it include members being removed internally by Twitter?



The tailored_audience_changes endpoint only includes explicit changes to tailored audiences that you send to the API.

We never remove members from tailored audiences on the Twitter side. Members who are considered inactive are not removed from the audience, they are simply tagged as not targetable and thus are not counted in the targetable audience size.


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