Tailored Audience Multiple Bucket Processing


We are building an app that will allow customers to add users adhoc to a Tailored Audience. If we put each user into a separate bucket and add each bucket to the tailored audience will this work or will only one of the buckets get processed and added? It’s not clear what will happen from the API documentation.


Hi @TealiumJTG, thanks for the question.

I’m a little unclear on what you’re trying to do and what you mean by “bucket”. Can you explain a little more with examples? If you can provide some quick twurl examples of the API calls you’re thinking of making that would be extremely helpful.


Hi @brandonmblack, thanks for the quick response.

In the TON API documentation they refer to a bucket when you upload data to a TON File. I think a better term in the above post would be ‘TON File’. I’m referring to the accounts/:account_id/tailored_audience_changes API call, where the TON File would be put into the query param ‘input_file_path’.

Thanks for help