Tailored Audience List Processing Time


Hi - I uploaded had a few tailored audience lists last night around 20:11 EST and the Twitter Audience Manager says they’re still processing. Is it possible for somebody Twitter-side to confirm that they’re not stuck, crashed, etc.?

Audience list stuck in processing

Hello @jonseet. While it’s usually around ~4-6 hours, as our docs state TA list processing can take up to 24 hrs to process. It’s not completely unusual to see this kind of delay and you should account for that on your end. That being said, we did have an incident this week that caused TA list processing to get backed up a little bit and processing times were a little longer than normal. That incident has been resolved.


Hi @brandonmblack - is there any way that we can monitor (or subscribe to alerts) on incidents like this?


@jonseet the best thing to do right now would be to follow @adsapi for this kind of announcement. Longer term, we’re looking into a self-serve portal for API users that includes things like API status announcements.


@brandonmblack - now seeing some audience lists in the TA queue that have been there since last Wednesday & Friday (June 10 & 12). The TA IDs are u4up and u6og. No mention of any issues on @adsapi


@jonseet looks like this processing delay was caused when the job failed due to a trailing tab in the audience name. The issue was pretty localized so there was no broad announcement. Both those lists should have recovered and successfully processed after being fixed in our database.

Can you confirm you’re seeing the same recovery?


@brandonmblack - yes, looks to be recovered now. Any chance you could let me know which list had the trailing tab? Thanks!


@jonseet from the ticket it looks like both may have had the issue. I can’t really confirm for certain though since the names have already been corrected on our end. This incident spawned a ticket to work on a permanent fix though that will validate and prevent this in the future.



I also uploaded a Tailored Audiences 3 days ago and is still processing.

I read that TA list processing can take up to 24 hours to process but, what we should do if after 24 hours the TA is still processing?

It would be great to have more fast feedback because the processing is very slow and sometimes you don’t know if all it’s alright and you have to wait more time.



Also taking quite a long time for me, 24ish hours. I realize that’s still in the promised time window, but 24 hour response is a real hamper on iteration in insuring my script is outputting the right data.


@dreyacosta @DavidChouinard the only SLA that exists tailored audience list processing is actually 24 hours. We generally see lists process in 4-6 hours, but we only guaranteed they’ll be processed in 24 hours and you should anticipate that as a possible upper bound on processing time. While it’s not normal for it to take the full 24 hours, it’s quite possible and does happen.

I’m going to close this thread, but if you have a list that has clearly exceeded the 24 hour processing time and appears to be hung, please open a new thread and make sure to include enough actionable information that we can look into the issue for you.

Before starting a new thread, please make sure you’ve read and are following the Guidelines for Reporting Issues here in the forums.