Tailored Audience Contact Upload


I have wired up both the single chunk and multi chunk ton API uploads. I am able to post a new audience and add this data to the audience successfully via the tailored_audience_changes endpoint. Unfortunately, everything thereafter does not seem to be working, such as sending a file with the add command seems to process, but no members are added to that existing audience. The 6-8 hour wait period to process a file is also way too slow so may not work as a means to sync to these audiences thereafter.

I have read about the tailored_audience_membership endpoint which seems to be in alpha and only has one command to update members using a score. What method will be ideal to synchronize data in a more real-time manner? I will just need add and remove capability based on changes that occurred to our lists since the last sync.

With the ton upload and tailored_audience_changes endpoint its seeming like your only option is to post changes there and wait 6-8 hours for any sort of sync and this may or may not work on an existing audience.


You are right that the tailored_audience_membership endpoint is in alpha or beta state - access to it may be negotiated via your partner or program manager contact but please note that access is very limited right now.

The biggest delay in audience processing even for the current system tends to be the initial sizing, which when it is delayed can cause the audience to appear as TOO_SMALL even though the records have been processed and it’s ready to go. So it theoretically should be better to prepare audience seed that exceeds the minimum size, and add users to it with incremental updates (which can be done with the changes endpoint).




Hi John,

The original poster and I are working together on this integration, which has the potential to positively affect our mutual users. A few weeks ago, Carmen Yuen approved our access; however, I received no point-of-contact as our Partner Manager. Can you please provide me with some direction to reach whoever this person may be so we can prove-out the potential of this integration.



@carmenjyuen is there an opportunity for us to share the application we have built? Having access to test the tailored_audience_membership endpoint would be incredibly helpful to us and our mutual customers.


Hi @mjvollmer,

Yes! Can you please let me know what time works for you?

I’ll update the invite with a google hangout link.
Looking forward to seeing what you’ve built!