Tailored Audience Changes



I have an existing tailored audience, i understand that I can make changes to this using the above endpoint.

Do i need to create a new TON file path from my new hashed user ids each time i want to refresh this audience? Or do I simply called the ADD operation to the existing TON filepath?

Thanks in advance!


Hey @SocialOpinions

Thank you for your question! All you would need to do is use the ADD operation on the tailored_audience_changes with only the incremental, i.e., new hashed user id’s you’d like to append to the existing list. You will have to pass in the TON file path to the list containing the new hashed user id’s.

Hope that helps!

  • Tushar


Het, thanks for a quick response.

Understand I need to call ADD on the tailored_audience_changes with the incremental.

Can you clarify “existing list” please?

My understanding is that to upload the incremental, I need to upload the hashed (as normal) and this generates a new TON file path? OR are you saying I can use the original TON path?



Hi @SocialOpinions! To add new hashed data you need to create a new TON file each time, the path of which you will use with the endpoint POST accounts/:account_id/tailored_audience_changes. Please note that uploading a new TON file does not create a new tailored audience, to create an audience you call the POST accounts/:account_id/tailored_audiences endpoint - I think this is where you make the confusion.

So when you want to make changes to the existing audience, the one you said you already have, the field tailored_audience_id will hold its id, and the field input_file_path will hold the path of the newly uploaded TON file which you will use to add the new data.


Hey, thanks for the insight!

Will tweak my solution and test this first iteration of our Adtech solution.



Thanks for the response! That’s absolutely correct! Closing out this thread now.