Tailored Audience campaign stuck in "Processing" stage




I have been using the TON api for about a month now and all the audiences I have created have been stuck in the processing stage. None of audiences have moved from the processing to ready stage.

I have been using the twitter-php-ads-sdk package and I am sending CSVs with twitter ids.

Below is an image of list my audiences

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


The TA list processing pipeline has unfortunately been experiencing some massive backups over the past several weeks. Especially if you uploaded these as much as 1 or 2 weeks ago, I would recommend re-submitting a couple to see if they get picked up earlier compared to the ones stuck in the backlog.


@JBabichJapan, been following your responses on the TA list processing in this and other threads for some time. Unfortunately we’re about to remove the TA feature for our advertisers - it’s not reliable and puts ad dollars at risk. Is there any plan or specific timeline to improve the stability? We were told of a new pipeline in the works more than year ago that would be extremely fast - is that project still in the works, gone, or only available to some? Thanks, I do appreciate the efforts to around this - it’s a great feature that many advertisers obviously love and rely on, I just don’t know how to trust it when clients campaigns are at risk. Thanks


@JBabichJapan, could you please provide a date by which we can expect this processing backlog to be resolved. It’s impacting our product launch. How can we get this escalated?


Hi folks,

There was a change made to give higher prioritization to newly queued jobs over working on really old (several weeks old) jobs, so that advertisers with urgent needs to can re-upload and see a better result with consistency. This is what makes it less likely that older jobs will get picked up and would recommend to re-upload and see how those go.

The matter with the issue happening in the first place is being investigated with the highest urgency and since tailored audiences are key for driving high performance you can trust that the team behind the service understands the importance of making this work smoothly and is hard at work to fix the issues soon.




Hi John,

Thanks for the eyes on this, things seemed to be fixed for a while after your above message. However now we are back to receiving the same ‘Audience Too Small’ error for every list uploaded in the last few days. Is this going to be an ongoing problem with the TA TON API? This would determine if it is feasible to use in production or not. Thank you for any insight.


@jasonsm32436100: Please see this response to the "reasons_not_targetable": ["TOO_SMALL"] question.


Hi Juan,

We are aware of the 500 limit. The lists submitted recently (and prior when there was the backlog issue) were +50k lists. Obviously we will be checking formatting, however our calls were working for a few days after JBabich replied to us which would seem to indicate that formatting is not a problem. We were wondering if there are similar backlog issues happening still.



During the backlog all of our stuck reports ended up failing with the ‘Too Small’ error. Once we heard back from JBabich, those same lists would succeed. Now they are failing again with ‘Too Small’.


Thanks for the clarification, @jasonsm32436100. You’re right. We’re currently having issues with audience sizing causing audiences to show as “too small.” We will update once this has been resolved.

Tailored Audiences stuck in processing for a particular account

To repeat what Juan said, this issue is different from not being processed at all and only has to do with the sizing part of processing.

I believe the issue may be fixed now - please check the current state!


Thanks for the update. We are still getting errors of ‘Audience Too Small’ for calls to the TON API with large lists.

Last time you informed us of the fixes in the backlog, our calls started going through to ‘Success’. This would lead us to believe that the calls we are making are correct in format and the lists are okay to process.

About a week after the successful processing we started getting the ‘Audience Too Small’ errors again with no changes on our part. This has lead us to keep reaching out as it seems similar to when there was a backlog issue. Sorry to keep bothering but is there any way to check and verify that our TON calls are in fact able to be processed?

Thank you,


Hi Juan and John. I wanted to re-iterate the importance of getting resolution on this issue as soon as possible. Please let me know how we can escalate this? None of our customers has been able to successfully run an ad campaign on the data we’ve delivered to your platform - and they’re getting impatient. Thanks!


@jasonsm32436100, @Cochrane2Leanne: We appreciate the both of you following up here. Could you please try resubmitting the affected audiences? Thank you for connecting with us and for your patience while we worked to resolve this.


Hi Juan, we are still experiencing the same issues. Obviously we will continue to verify our process but we believe are pipeline is correctly setup. As mentioned before we did have a period of success after JBabichJapan mentioned there was a backlog fix, and we are using the same pipeline as then. Anyway we can debug the pending lists that get stuck on ‘Too Small’?


The team that handles accounts being impacted from spending because of bugs/issues (Ads Support accessible via ads.twitter.com) has a way to both investigate and escalate these audience issues on a one-off basis but generally for campaigns that are spending and/or blocked from spending. So for those types of issues I would encourage you to submit for support there, because we have several audience processing issues being tracked and it’s difficult to tell which one these issues associates with, and having more clarity about revenue impact is what will help the most for timing of a fix.

Having audience being stuck in processing is generally about a backlog of processing, and being stuck in “Too Small” state is generally about the timing of a recurring job that runs and sizes audiences. For both types of issues we have had points where request to re-upload because of tweaks made to prioritize newly uploaded audiences over backlogged ones. Please go ahead and provide more details either in a new thread here or send for help request on ads.twitter.com (this thread is just getting a little long and difficult to track issues separately)




Thank you John and Juan. We will post in the appropriate place.