Tailored Audience API Upload stuck "Processing"



Hello again,

I’m working on uploading Tailored Audiences via the API using the Python Ads SDK. I’m uploading lists of over 1000 hashed, newline-separated emails in a text file, and they have been stuck in the processing /updating state for about two weeks. I have had success uploading the same (or similar) lists of plaintext emails in a csv through the UI, but have had no results via the API.

As a side note: the manually uploaded list has a match count which is greater than the size of the list… is there an obvious reason for this? Thank you!
App Id: 14455096
Ad Account: 18ce54m69qm


Hi @tsande01 - Can you please list the audience ID or name in which the match count is greater than the input size? I will look into the other audiences stuck in processing.


Hey Brent,
Thanks for responding so quickly. The name of the audience is Test manual upload. The original csv should have contained approx 1300 email addresses.


Hi @tsande01,

Is there any chance the original csv contained more than 1300? I’m showing just under ~9735 entries for the audience in our back end.


Ah, my mistake. I accidentally uploaded a csv containing multiple columns, as opposed to just email addresses. The file was in the format: Firstname, Lastname, foo@bar.com, Info1, Info2, Date. There were definitely only ~1300 emails in the file, however.