Tailored Audience Ad Analytics



I launched my first small ad campaign in an attempt to attract visitors to my website. I specified a tailored audience of 500, but when I look at twitters analytics dashboard it shows that the campaign has received over 2500 impressions, how is this possible since if I have only uploaded a tailored audience of 500?

Thanks in advance if you are able to help.


It’s very possible for promoted content to be served to users more than once, which would result in more impressions than the tailored audience size.

You might also want to check if lookalike targeting was enabled for the campaign. If so, users who are similar to your tailored audience would have been targeted as well, and additional impressions would have been generated due to that.


Thanks HWZ!

This makes sense.
Is there any way for me to determine the number of unique users who saw the advertisement?
Also, is it guaranteed that all the users in the tailored audience will see the advertisement (given that sufficient budget has been assigned to the campaign)?

Thanks again for coming back to me.




Thanks for asking this Benji. I have the same question as well, as we use unique impressions as part of the reporting in our product. Is there a way to get them, either through an existing metric or derived?