Tailored Audience - Active User Drop



We build tailored audiences based on individuals tweeting about a specific topic. We have experienced many times where when that tailored audience is pushed through the ads API or uploaded as a CSV where there is a significant drop off in this list. This is when we are uploading audiences with a week of these people being active on Twitter. We collected a list of 16,718 users who tweeted on 12/14. We pushed this list on 12/22/16 and it only showed 12,500 active users. Why was there a drop if these people were active the previous week?

Ad Account ID: 9iwx2


Hey @matthixson

The members of a Tailored Audience represent all targetable users for a given ads campaign. The reason for this drop off in users is because these users are not eligible to target for any Twitter Ads campaign.

I hope that helps!



why are they not eligible?



This may be for several reasons, a few potential ones could be that these users have opted out of retargeting or they may be on a non-Twitter Official client (like Falcon) that does not offer the ability to serve Twitter Ads.


25% of the audience? Is there a way to test our data vs a generic answer. My goal here is to get our mutual clients to sell more ads. It is in our mutual best interest to know this so I can communicate to clients with an answer other than I don’t know. This should be a super simple test of reviewing a list and seeing what the issue is.