Tableview Placer with dynamic cell size causing stuttering/jumpy behavior


No matter how hard I’ve tried to remedy this issue, I have found no resolution. When using Mopubs test ads and using code directly outlined in the docs and found on the Canary sample project, I see this stuttering behavior. This only occurs when using tableview ad placer; this is not an issue with my tableview integration(I believe). I am using the most up to date SDK, 5.5. I am using auto layout in my tableview cell to determine its cell but I am using estimated cell height that is the average cell height (120px). My ad cell is also 120px. Any ideas or solutions would be amazing, this is the only roadblock I am facing before publication.

Video Example


Hey @Cordia -

Have you seen our sample app? You can view the code agaisnt your own integration and resolve any deviations.

If you continue to have issues, please contact us at


I have. I used the exact code present in the sample app. Still stuttering


Understood. Please reach out to and we’ll further investigate. @Cordia