TA lists stuck in processing after upload



Hi is there something wrong with TA processing? I uploaded a list through Ads API version 0 on Friday and it’s still processing today on June 27. Is there an outage? When will this be fixed?

Date uploaded: June 24, 2016
List size: 10,000
Status: Still processing
Advertiser account: 18ce53vuwjg
List ID: 15963

Also others that I’m doing test uploads for API 1.0 are still processing as well - uploaded on June 23:
Status: Still processing
Advertiser account: 18ce53vuwjg
List ID: 15887



We have a small number of reports of this but not yet confirmed to be widespread. Since the TA list functionality is basically shared with ads.twitter.com, I would feel free to file requests for support from there as well so the operations team can track how many accounts it is happening for.




Thanks, since this impacts multiple customers, how do I escalate to ads.twitter.com and the operations team?

Also, just got a response back from Twitter Ads API V1 - FAILED CREATE_PLACEHOLDER. Is there a change in how tailored audiences are uploaded in V1?


Can you please post details of what request you are doing to get that failure? That error message does not ring a bell with me but as a wild guess, you cannot use the same audience name twice so make sure you are not re-uploading an audience with the same name more than once.

For ads.twitter.com escalation, login to that account in ads.twitter.com and click the “Help?” at upper right of the screen. Those should be related to either the account itself or some functionality exposed in ads.twitter.com, they will not be able to help you with API questions.