T.co shorten link not posting twitter


I am using https://twitter.com/intent/tweet this API for tweeting.
My post coming very fine no issue.
But URL is showing as usual as I have posted there.(means original URL with shorten version)
Its not coming as t.co … shorten URL.
Can any one assist me what I need to do for this.

Shatrughna Kumar


Are you sure it’s not getting wrapped by t.co? You won’t see the t.co within the intent process – and on the website and our mobile applications, you’ll see the expanded link when displayed.


Thanks for response.

On twitter site i can see my psoted url with sorten version.
But its not showing as http://t.co … But when I hover it shows me t.co version as hyperlink.

But on twitter site I am not seeing t.co URL.
Is it work in this way Or I am expecting something wrong…

Shatrughna Kumar


I think you’re seeing the expected behavior.


Thanks for clarification.