T.co links not working


Same issue, t.co links do not work half the time. I’m not a developer, an end user. They act like they’re loading endlessly and never pull up the link I was trying to open. I’ve resorted to dragging the links out of tweetbot and dropping them into safari to open them which bypasses t.co. I’m using OS X 10.11.2.


Having the same problem here. Does not work in iMac but works in iPhone Twitter App. This is damn annoying! :confused:


Is this still not resolved after nearly 4 years? I’m on a macbook pro, using safari, and the last month or so any time i try to click on a t.co link, 9 times out of 10 nothing happens, the page seems like it’s trying to load, but doesn’t. I close the new window and click the link again, sometimes have to do this several times before there’s an actual error message. Usually once the error page appears, I close it, click the link again and it finally works. But several times this just is too annoying and I give up on trying to access someone I’m following’s link. What gives? Fix the damn issue before spending time on allowing people to create longer twitter posts.


Chasing my default browser to Chrome seems to be an interim solution until Safari gets sorted out…


Forced to use Twitter a fortnight ago but bugged by the blocking of T.co based links. The problem seems to have been live for 4 years but no solution, just one suggestion: Remove Twitter and the problem goes away immediately!


The latest OS X release (10.11.4) contains a fix for this issue in Safari on desktop.