T.co links not working


Any time I create a link and check to see if it works it doesn’t work. If I try to follow someone else’s link it doesn’t work for me. What’s the issue? Has anyone else experienced this? What is the solution? Thanks


Same for me. And it’s been well over a year like this. It’s not working on iphone, ipad or pc…
Any help?


Can either of you provide any greater detail as to what’s not working? Resolving the domain? The redirect? The wrapping itself? Have you checked whether there’s anything your network provider is doing to prevent you from navigating to t.co. What exactly do you mean by things not working?


I have been using twitter last couple of days and when I click on a picture link or a link to a web page the t.co just spins and doesn’t open the link. It will display a “can’t display page” error. I will close window go back to twitter feed and click link again then it will work. It is very frustrating waiting for the link to open and it doesn’t.


Yes, I’m having the same problem. I’m a developer and have been posting links to on twitter from my app. Those links work fine if I click on them from twitter on my computer or android phone, however, when I click on them from the iphone twitter app, it takes me to the wrong link.

For example:
Is not redirecting properly to on the iphone twitter app (but works everywhere else):


What does it take you to instead? Can you provide a tweet ID that bares this example?


It looks like it tries to load the short version instead of redirecting to the proper web address.
By ‘not working’ I mean I haven’t been able to open a single t.co link for over a year on all my devices (pc with vista + firefox, iphone 4s, pad 2)…

On ipad/iphone it says: Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding.
On pc: firefox cannot found the server at t.co


My tweets are NOT WRAPPING. Can you tell me why not?


Its been a real problem for a long time.


My problem is similar. I posted a tweet with a link to a web address. The tweet posts and links to web address fine on my homepage but tweet does not appear in hashtag thread to which it was attached. ANY HELP?


I’ve got the same problem.


t.co urls not working for me in any browser on Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Problem occurs clicking the link in the Twitter app OR in the browser via Twitter on the web.

This is incredibly frustrating, it renders all linked content completely inaccessible!


Same here, how do I fix this?


“Oops! Google Chrome could not find t.co
Search on Google:”

When clicking on: http://t.co/mlvRwwpX
Goes to: http://t.co/mlvRwwpX

That’s what I get when I click on these shortened links. But I can go to the correct places IF I highlight the link and copy it (as in copy text and paste said text, not copy link).


yea same problem. When I click on a link it takes me to “problem loading page” on firefox. it says "Firefox can’t find the server at t.co."
and on Chrome it says "google chrome cannot find ___"
this problem started for me today


There was temporary DNS issue that should now be resolved.


Having the same issue, with any t.co links. I am not sure if it is a DNS, or what, but I know that any other links on the web, including those found on Facebook, do not have the same issue.

Google Chrome, Windows 7.


This is happening to me too. Google Chrome 21.0.1180.79, Mac OS X 10.7.4.

It feels like a DNS problem still, but no t.co links resolve for me. Even typing t.co into the address bar doesn’t resolve. Every other URL works perfectly.

Yet another reason why I wish Twitter hadn’t done this. Every single link in every tweet is now inaccessible to me.


This problem comes and goes. It seems to be related to the Mac OS X TCP/IP stack and the t.co server, not to any specific browser. Resolving t.co works, but using telnet to connect to port 80 on t.co just has the telnet client waiting. Wireshark tells me multiple SYN packets are sent to t.co on or (Safari tries both) with no packets coming back from either IP.

The DS field of the IP packet sent is 0x10 (DSCP 4 and ECN 0) and the NF field is set (which is logical for a SYN packet with length 0). TTL is 64 and all checksums are ok. MTU is normal (1500 - but SYN and ACK packets should fit within any reasonable MTU anyway).


I have the same problem, and it seems to be related to using the Google DNS servers. I have my router configured to use Google for DNS because they’re faster and more reliable than my ISP, but I can’t access t.co links when using them. If I switch to a DNS server other than Google, I can access t.co links just fine.