T.co give problem to my server


Dear Twitter,

I have a problem with links on Twitter. When i post a link to my website on Twitter for example www.wassenaarders.nl. It causes that my website is unavailable for several minutes. You get a blank screen and it keeps on loading. I think it has something to do with t.co but i dont know for sure.

I hope someone has a solution for my problem!

Regards Marco van Leeuwen


Are you monitoring inbound requests to your server? Once you publish a link on Twitter, it becomes public information to many parties, including Twitter. Those parties might then attempt to invoke your URL to understand the content behind it. Perhaps your server needs to better handle the influx of traffic?


I will send this to my hosting provider. The weird thing is it’s only with Twitter if i share a link on FB or G+ there is no problem. It has something to do with t.co and the connection to the server my website is on. Because the problem is on all the sites on that server.

Thanks for your reply!