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Hi there,

we’re currently using the streams API and evaluating how to move forward using the provided webhooks API. Our business currently uses multiple of hundreds of streams. Our APP ID is 1391063 .

Our first stop is the Account Activity API overview and from looking at the API references we see:

  • Enterprise - All activities
  • Standard beta - All Activities
  • Standard beta - Direct Messages

My questions are:

  • From reading through them, my understanding is that “Enterprise” and “Standard beta” only deal with “All activities” and they do not include “Direct Messages”, is that correct? Or does All acitivites include Direct Messages?

  • Regarding “Standard beta - All activity”, the subscription limit is documented as 35 and for “Standard beta - Direct Messages” it is documented as 50 subscriptions.
    Both are way below our number of current subscribers, what is the adviced way to move forward here?

  • We can successfully work with the “Standard beta - Direct Messages” but cannot access the “Standard beta - All activities”, however on May 1, 2017, 5:04 PM we received an email from Jeff L. at twitter confirming we’ve been granted access to the beta account activity API. However when we try to create a webhook via /1.1/account_activity/all/env-beta/webhooks.json?url=https… we get back the following error

    • {"errors":[{"code":200,"message":"Forbidden."}]}
  • Is there an overlap between webhooks created with “Enterprise - All activities”, “Standard beta - All Activities” and “Standard beta - Direct Messages”. It seems that “Enterprise” and “Direct Messages” use the same endpoint and thus share then, but “Standard beta - All Activities” do not; can you confirm this?

    • Can we use the same webhook endpoint URL for each of those three APIs as the receiving end?
    • Should we apply again for “Standard beta - All Activities” ( https://developer.twitter.com/en/apply ) so we’re granted access or can you whitelist us based on our previous grant?

thank you very much,

  • Markus

"Forbidden" response from creating new webhook endpoint

Hey guys, I’m a coworker of @markntweet:

Not sure if this is related to Account Activity API - All Activities (beta) whitelist failure, but we just double checked all api calls and all credentials, but still getting the Forbidden error. :shrug:


Can we have any updates on this? :pray:


As far as I’m aware is no one (maybe just a few) is getting Enterprise access just yet – not until it’s out of beta.
Enterprise allows you to have unlimited subscriptions. Again, to the best of my knowledge.

As for testing whether or not you have access have you tried using this node project?

I wasn’t able to get my granted permission working till I went through that.
There are lots of small easy ways to mess it up and twitter still has some endpoints up that return Forbidden no matter what the status of your app actually is.


it’s out of beta … right now! see https://blog.twitter.com/developer/en_us/topics/tools/2018/enabling-all-developers-to-build-on-the-account-activity-api.html


We did just launch the Premium tier of the Account Activity API!

The Premium and Enterprise versions of the Account Activity API do include Direct Messages, as well as several other activities. You can see a list of these activities, as well as the differences in the number of unique subscriptions allowed with each tier of product here: https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/accounts-and-users/subscribe-account-activity/overview

If you navigate to your Developer Environments page through your developer account, you should either already have an Account Activity API environment already set up, or should be able to set up a new one to get access to the Sandbox product tier.

The Enterprise and Premium endpoints are different. Please refer to our API Reference page to learn more.

Please review our FAQs, and let me know if you have any other questions.


@LeBraat thanks for the quick reply!

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