Switched to a new Advertiser Account and now unable to promote mobile app installs


Good afternoon,

I have implemented an automated mobile app install ad tool and everything was working. We then needed to change to a new Ad Account due to a billing issue.

The process is "Create Campaign -> Upload Illo (for each Illo) -> Create image_app_download card -> Create Tweet and attach card -> Create Line Item -> Create Promoted Tweets by attaching the tweets to the line item.

When we do the current “Create Promoted Tweet” process by posting to https://ads-api.twitter.com/4/accounts/18ce54skfk4/promoted_tweets this is the response received:

"errors": [
                    "code": "INVALID",
                    "message": "App (mact_app_id=<ID REMOVED>) associated with PromotedTweet must be set up for MACT when using BidUnit COST_PER_INSTALL on LineItem",
                    "attribute": ""

Please let me know what I can do to move forward here.




Hi @lrrife - this (cryptic) error is indicating that the account must have conversion tracking set up first, which can be checked by hitting the App Event Tags https://developer.twitter.com/en/docs/ads/measurement/api-reference/app-event-tags.html endpoint (there should be an INSTALL event type at minimum). Whatever conversion tracking partner you are using, must be re-authed with your new ad account and their tool will likely add those app event tags. Otherwise, you can only use CPA type bidding models that have no downstream optimization (usually worse performance and not able to track what’s going on with the MACT partner).

Hope this helps!


Thank you, the vendor had not not run their batch job to create the event tags yet.