Switched doman and reset keys but app still only authenticating on old site



I have been developing a site on a dev server. I had a twitter app set up so users could post to their twitter stream. I have now set the site live and transfered it to the live server with a new domain. I switched the domain in my twitter app and I reset the keys, but the app still only authenticates to the old dev server. I have even tried making a brand new app but it still only authenticates on the old dev server. This doesn’t make any sense to me. The new app I am using has never had any reference to the old domain so it doesn’t make sense how it works on it. without giving away my keys here is what I am doing.

$consumerKey = ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXX’;
$Twitter = new EpiTwitter($consumerKey, $consumerSecret);
echo ‘

<input type=“hidden” value="’.$Twitter->getAuthenticateUrl(null,array(‘oauth_callback’ => “http://”. $_SERVER[“HTTP_HOST”] . $_SERVER[“REQUEST_URI”])).’" id=“twitter_login_url” />’;

$Twitter->getAuthenticateUrl is giving me a url with an auth key on my dev server but it is giving me a url with no auth key on the live server (the server with the same domain as specified in the twitter app.)

any ideas?


We’re using the following plugin for Twitter integration

A try/catch, and using the simpleTest.php from the plugin show that we’re getting an uncaught ‘EpiOAuthException’, which prevents $Twitter->getAuthenticateUrl from including the token. But it only does this on the live site, and works perfectly fine on the development sites or localhost when the application’s callback URL is set to them.


I figured out a solution.

In the epiOauth class we are using, I changed the variables for $connectionTimeout and $requestTimeout to higher numbers-- It appears our live server was timing out before the request ever got made to Twitter. It works perfectly now.